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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 24, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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about his time with the agency. we want to get the latest on our weather. >> a beautiful start to the day. we have sunshine, it's burning bright across the area. we will see a nice rebound during the course of the afternoon. we had some light rain showers around here late yesterday. that's all pushed off to the north and east. that storm system really wrapping up as it pushes away. because of that we're still dealing with some winds out of the west and northwest. they continue to blow out there at about 10 to 15 miles per hour this morning. but that's really the worst of this forecast. you could see clear skies out to the west, out towards ohio, that's going to move in throughout the day today. lots of sunshine in the forecast. we're going to be warmer with high temperatures reaching in the middle 60s. ocean city, you're at 50 at
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this hour, and fredericksburg, that's a cool spot, 41, we'll see the temperatures jump a good 10 to 15 degrees throughout the course of the day here, we'll go as high as the mid 60s. should be a very calm day and a nice looking day to start tomorrow as well. we'll have more details on that. but we have more rain and more cool temperatures in the forecast. i'll let you know what the weekend looks like coming up in just a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking news from fairfax county. a person killed this morning. police tell fox 5 the victim was shot in or near a car in the 8400 block of orinda court. sky fox is live over the scene in the mount vernon section of the county. the shooting happened just before 70:00 this morning. we don't know yet weather the victim was a man or a woman. a deadly shooting just hours ago in prince george's county is also under investigation. police say a man was shot and
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killed in capitol heights. it happened just before 1:00 am in the 1100 block of capitol heights boulevard at gunther street. police don't have a suspect at this time. our big story is something commuters should know about today and keep in the back of their minds when gridlock gets to them. >> a frightening case of rush hour road rage on i-95. we're talking about a car and a dump truck going at it with one driver allegedly pling a gun while his daughter was in the back seat. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's surprising it hear nobody was injured after you hear this was during rush hour and police are saying that a woodbridge man pulled a gun and started firing at a dump truck around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. this started at mile marker 159 just south of where we are. police say it happened yesterday, just around 4:00, a dump truck was merging on to
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southbound 95 from route 123 when it encountered a jaguar and some sort of aggressive driving happened between the two, we don't know the exact details of what occurred there, but police are telling us they traveled about a mile down the road, then he two drivers pulled over to the side of the interstate. police say the driver of the jaguar, 25-year-old gabriel got out of the car and started firing at the dump truck. they tell us police do that the dump truck then pulled off, back into traffic, at that point he was firing, they say that the man was firing about four rounds that hit that dump truck. the two vehicles then continued on south where a virginia state trooper then encountered them and pulled both over. again, no one was injured during all of this. but police tell us that the man's 2-year-old daughter was in the car during this whole scenario. now, he is now charged with child endangerment among several other charges as well
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including attempted homicide. the dunk truck driver we understand has also been charged with reckless driving. still a lot of questions that remain here. police tell us they are continuing to investigate and we will bring you more details as they come to us. back to you. >> thank you very much. a crime caught on tape near manassas. surveillance video shows a robbery in progress at the quality inn on bald ford road back in january. an armed man pointed a gun at a hotel worker and forced her to empty a cash drawer into a bag, then forced her to get on the floor. prince william county police are releasing this video in hopes someone will come forward with some information. a warning for women in arlington. police is say a man has been going around exposing himself along the washington and old dominion bike trail. there have been at least 11 incidents since mid january.
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police are urging women not to go on the trail alone and be aware of their surroundings . gilbert arenas is set to be sentenced on friday. prosecutors say his lack of remorse and guilty plea is enough to put him behind bars for three months, but the judge could sentence him for up to five years. especially admits bringing four guns to the locker room in december after a heated argument with teammate javar rise crittendon. both were suspended for the season. a chiropractor with ties to the washington capitals has been arrested in a steroid ring. dr. douglas neagle is not the team chiropractor but has taken care of some players. he was arrested yesterday at his reston, virginia, home. one of the suspects in a steroid ring that was busted up in florida last year claims he provided steroids to dr. neagle. investigators say there's no proof the doctor gave the drugs to any professional athletes. the capitals have released a statement which reads in part, quote, the washington capitals
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are not the target of this investigation. we are satisfied that law enforcement, the nhl and our own internal investigation have not led to any link of steroid use by capitals players. dr. neagle is not the team chiropractor, however he has seen some of our players for standard, routine services. capitals players have been tested twice so far this year. at no time in our history has a capitals player ever tested positive. students at georgetown and howard universities are on high alert this morning. >> there have been a series of burglaries at and -- at and off campus apartments, i'm trying it say. the most recent happened on 36th street in northwest. the student woke up and found four men in her bedroom. really disturbing details on all this. >> reporter: you know what, obviously this makes everybody pretty nervous, but luckily nobody's been injured. burglars have gotten away with everything from ipods to flat
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scene tv's and laptops, even social security cards. at howard, one student woke up to seven masked men. on monday night a female student scared off four men in her home. georgetown university students have been hit hard by the recent rash of burglaries targeting mostly off campus housing. this student says her neighbor's home was ransacked. >> it was a shock. i heard one of the roommates went to bed at 4:00 and he woke up at 7:00 and everything was gone, their tv, their playstation, their ipods, laptops. >> reporter: two break ins were reported a block from campus on 36th street. more than $10,000 in property has been taken at georgetown alone. students are on alert. >> it is a concern, especially since this i university housing, a bunch of us know each other on the block. hoping that the university is able to take some measures. >> reporter: georgetown police report three break ins in the last week and one attempted break in. across town, three incidents have been reported since the
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weekend. one student was confronted by six men carrying knives, golf clubs and bricks. these georgetown row houses were targeting. >> i think a lot of students haven't been practicing the right kind of safety. just general safety practices around their house. a lot of it we hear is unlocked doors, things left unattended. that's just a way to get yourself burglarized. >> reporter: in the alley where one of the break ins occur, it's very dark at night with broken street lights. some students are unimpressed with off campus safety efforts. >> the a the beginning of the year i remember they came around and tested all our locks and we got notices when they came back and we met with the officer who checked our house, but we haven't seen anyone lately this week. >> reporter: police say there's no reason to believe that any of these incidents are related. campus security has done very little except to send out text
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alerts to students. an important consumer alert for parents. the recall of more than one million sling riders and baby slings, all -- you're looking at what these slings look like. the consumer products safety commission says babies could suffocate in the soft fabric. the problem is linked it three infant deaths. parents are urged to stop using them for babies younger than four months old. click on web links on our website. now to health care reform. president obama signing the legislation into law inside a packed east room at the white house. today he'll lend his signature to an executive order restricting federal dollars for abortion. that means federal money can't be used for the procedure except in cases of rape, incest and when a woman's life is in danger. the president may find himself
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still trying to sell health care reform to the public when he heads to iowa tomorrow. more than a dozen states including virginia are taking legal action it avoid making insurance mandatory. they're filing lawsuits saying virginia's attorney general joins us to talk more about that. >> reporter: we're saying that they have gone beyond what the commerce clause allows. if you buy health insurance, that is an act in commerce. but if you do nothing, don't buy health insurance, there is no commerce, there is no effect on commerce, and it is beyond the scope of the commerce clause. that is the narrow foc of our case. >> legal experts say the lawsuits filed don't have much of a chance of succeeding, largely because under the constitution federal laws trump state laws. there was a bit of an awkward moment for those in the room yesterday when the vice president uttered and expletive jut before the president's signing of the health care bill. we will share that video coming
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up. >> coming up next, the cia agent emerges from the shadows, he'll join us live after the break it talk about his 15 years with the agency. [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls with cinnabon cinnamon. as simple as bake them, frost them, devour them. this sunday delight your family with pillsbury.
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welcome back. the white house is not offering much nformation about talks between president obama and the israeli prime minister. they met twice yesterday. the leaders are trying to resolve the dispute over new settlement construction in east jerusalem. palestinians claim the area of jerusalem as the capital of a future state. he spent 15 years as a covert agent serving in the cia. now he has moved if the shadows to the spotlight with his new book the reluctant spy. john, gave a chuckle a bit when
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i said that. we said that in the tees leading up to you. i don't think we've ever really heard from a former cia agent now coming forthwith some really explosive i want to say testimony, but explosive accounts of what goes on. >> this is the first time that the story of the capture has ever been told in full. there's been reference to it, but it's never been all in one place at one time before. >> and we still fiend ourselves as a country in this fight, sort of a blanket against terror. talk about how significant that capture was during that time. >> at the time elves the number three ranking person inside al qaeda. he was known as the hub of a wheel, the hub wheel the spokes lead out from. he knew everybody in positions of importance in the organization. he had headed one of the terrorist training camps in afghanistan, and he was somebody who was involved a lot
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in logistics. so we knew if we could get him, his capture would led to other captures that would help set the group back. >> would you consider that the most memorable i guess operation of your time with the agency? >> it was, the night before we caught him, colleague of mine said, do you think we're going to get him? i said, i know in 24 hours we're either going to be heroes or our careers are going to be over. >> the book is called the reluctant spy. >> i was reluctant a couple times at major points in my career. i was reluctant to get into operations in the first place. i had spent my first seven years as an analyst. i was reluctant to get involved in enhancing interrogation techniques, i had a problem with them and i elected not to be trained in them. then i was very reluctant it leave the agency. hi to leave for family reasons, but i've missed it every day since i left. >> highly unusual to hear from a former operative. >> it is. it's unusual. there's a process that former
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operations officers have to go through that anybody undercover at any point during their career has to go through, so i had to right -- write a letter to the agency asking that my cover be lifted. anytime you write anything, whether a book like this or even a letter to the editor of home and garden magazine, you have to submit it to the agency for clearance, which was a long and difficult process. took about 18 months to get this book cleared. >> the book is here now. but you first made news back in 2007 when you did talk to a major network about water boarding and the use of it within the agency. how difficult of a decision was that to come forward and talk about the country in that way. we think of america as the fearless eagle that would never stoop to any sort of torture methods, but this has become a very liely contested topic in the day since 2007. >> i inadvertently plunged myself no that controversy. i go through this in the book as well. i left the agency in 2004 and i
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went into the private sector to a professional services firm, and so i just stopped paying attention to these issues. but i was vaguely aware that the washington post had written about water boarding and that human rights watch had come out with statements on water boarding and in the back of my mind i thought it was out there. so when abc news called and ask if i would talk about him, i said, sure, it's already been out in the press, it's no big deal. i gave had interview not realizing at the time that i was the first cia or former officer to talk about it. >> wow, and okay. let me ask you what was it like in those really confusing terrible days after 9/11, you were there, with the headquarters. what was the mood, what was the feeling within the cia? >> in the months befor september 11th, everybody saw it coming. i recount the story in the book where the chief of the counterterrorist center implored a foreign intelligence service, please, he said, if
9:19 am
you have any sources inside al qaeda, please help us, because something errible is going to happen. and then sure enough on september 11th there was shock but not surprise. we had all expected it. then everybody just kicked into gear, everybody in the building volunteered to go to afghanistan. >> in the days since, has there been enough cooperation between these agencies do you think in fighting this common fight? >> i think that cooperation has improved dramatically in the years between the september 11thth attacks and now. but one thing we have to keep in mind, is that the cia and the fbi have vastly different mandates. the fbi wants to build a criminal case against terrorists, the cia doesn't care about a criminal case. the cia just wants to put them out of different. >> man, i wish we had more time to talk with you. the book is the reluctant spy. it is in book stores now? >> it is. >> thanks for sharing this with us. >> tony, back to you.
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coming up, growing marijuana in the nation's capital. up next, the push to make it legal. plus, a pill that brings you the same benefits as ercise. sound too good to be true? why some say it could become a reality. 
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oprah winfrey has settled a defamation lawsuit filedby the former head mistress at her school in south africa. students claim they were abused at that school. a former worker says oprah defamed her in remarks after the scandal. she says the comments have made it difficult for her to get a new job. a spokesperson for winfrey says that parties do not plan to discuss terms of this
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settlement. investigators buffed a smart phone scam with a text message. someone was arrested at the best buy in stafford marketplace and took her phone and sent a message to the last number dialed asking for someone to post bail. investigators arrested the two people who showed up and a fourth suspect at a motel with 30 smart phones and cash. they believe the group used fake id's to sign up for the smart phone plan. on call, d.c. lawmakers are considering allowing medical marijuana users to grow the plants for their own personal use. 13 states currently allow the so-called home cultivation. d.c. voters approved medical marijuanaack in 1998 but it had been held up in congress until recently. imagine shedding bounds without hitting the gym. dozens of pills claim to get the job done by curbing your an tight, but scientists at the university of texas said they have a pill that can trick your muscles into exercising.
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the pill was tested on mice for a month and the mice lost weight. researchers think it would be particularly helpful for people with limited mobility. they say a safe exercise pill probably won't be available for broad cues for at least 10 years. >> i will be ready for it. the brits are undergoing a bit of a health care overhaul of their own. stylish gowns that snap down the sides were unveiled in london. the labor government mass promised to get the designs in hospitals across england if it wins a national election this spring. >> that's one of the things, you're like, why did it take so long? >> when i read the story earlier, i thought, really? no one came up with this before. but i love the national labor party saying, well, electric us and we'll get this done. that's a great way to get this elected. >> you don't want to be embarrassed while you're at the hospital. the passage of the health
9:26 am
care reform bill was big news, but also making headlines were very excited by what vice president joe biden had to say about it. he whispered to the president something that includes an expletive but of course it's heard over the microphone. and sandra bullock and jesse james, will they stay together following knouse of his affair?
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big buzz this week, our home girl, she's from virginia. >> i'm s sad to hear this. >> sandra bullock and jesse james. bad news. >> here to talk more about that, none other than our favorite dak holt with tmz. >> good morning, guys. >> it's so sad about this news, because they seem like the couple, maybe the odd couple but still the couple. >> i think that's what everyone else liked about them, too.
9:30 am
she just didn't look like she'd be his type, and they were awesome together for a really long time, so then you find out about these the alleged mistresses that have come forward and i think everyone was so shocked because of the oscar win. here's the thing. we now know that her reps are searching around for a lawyer here in california, a divorce lawyer, i think. lance spiegel is the frontrunner right now. he's a huge divorce lawyer out here. he's a big, big dude out here. and so he looks like he may be the frontrunner, however we also know that jesse james people are also looking around for a lawyer, but the reason they would be looking around is in case she did file, they have someone ready to go. >> what about michele, the bombshell, isn't that her name? >> bombshell. >> mcgee. >> what's going on? >> is she cashing in? >> i've got to think she's been cashing in. she's keeping quiet right now. i think she has a gag order on her because of the magazine interview she did and so she can't talk yet, however there's
9:31 am
been a lot of photos coming out, a lot of videos, that kind of stuff surfacing that i don't know if you get your hands on to unless the person kind of gave them over. but anyway, we actually got a photo of her with a gunshot wound in her leg she was showing off during an interview like a year ago or something, and i guess she said, look, i used to be involved with a lot of bad people and gangs and i got shot in my leg. >> didn't you have an interview last night with her dad who was saying that she was a great girl growing up? >> we did a whole thing on the show with her dad who said she was a great girl growing up, exactly, i mean this whole thing just so bizarre. i can't get past the forehead tattoo. >> not attractive. looks like beyonce has got a little baby, what is it, a brother? >> she does have a little baby brother, his name is nixon. matthew 'noles is kind of fighting this woman who says, look, it's not my kid. it turned out to be matthew knows child being so now they're trying to figure out
9:32 am
the whole child support, custody,thal kind of stuff. we know right now he pays $8,000 a month for the baby which is a lot of money, but they may adjust that depending on now knowing that he is for sure the father. >> you can bet on that. >> we got about a minute. i know we're not supposed to talk about it. can you give us a little preview into what's going on with snoop? >> well, got a great video of him out in snoring, he was walking down the -- out in new york. a couple of kids came up to him, they were in like high school, will you please listen to our music. he loves it and he starts dancing around. he tells his agent or manager, get this kid's information, i want to know this kid. >> it happens like that sometimes. >> you never know. this kid could be the next big rap star. >> that's awesome. >> thanks. >> thanks, guys. >> okay. does it ever happen like that
9:33 am
anymore? that's like 30 years ago, you run into somebody on the street. >> i'm excited to -- i'm sad to hear about sandra bullock. >> yeah, and jesse james. >> we wanted that to work. >> but not if she's going to be embarrassed and dis' respected. we're going to go on to weather and sunshine. >> it's beautiful out there. >> with rain yesterday afternoon, now we're back into, what will be a mostly sunny day, it will be a warmer day. we'll have highs back in the 60s. already we're in the 60s across the area. 53 at reagan national, the sunshine starting to do its work here this morning. look at frederickurg, 54. you were about 40 just a couple of hours as. annapolis is 54. mentioned it's going to be warmer today, our temperatures will be will be back in the middle 60s. still dealing with these winds. not much of a wind reported in washington, you can see off to the north and west, a wind gust
9:34 am
at about 28 miles per hour and 22 in manassas. it will be a breezy morning, even with temperatures in the 60s if you have winds blowing it's going to feel just a little cooler than that. lots of sunshine, look at that, beautiful start to your day. our storminess from yesterday off the coast. our next weather maker still about a day and a half away, so we'll be in for a great one today. cool one tonight with clear skies. then we'll focus out to the west. that will be our weather for thursday night overnight into friday. here's another look for you. high pressure is going to deliver a great looking day today, then we'll wtch this cold front move in from the north and west as we get into the day tomorrow. the clouds will increase tomorrow afteoon. if you want timing on the rain, i think best chance will be overnight thursday night and much of the day on friday we'll have periods of rain around here, and much cooler behind this cold front. we're not done with the march weather quite yet.
9:35 am
sunny skies, warmer temperatures. it's still a little breezy out there with a high of 64. there's your five-day forecast, sunshine tomorrow, we cloud up tomorrow night, rainy periods for friday with a high' temperature of only 50. if you've got weekend plans, listen, it looks sunny and dry, highs only in the mid 50s unlike the 70s we had last weekend. that's a look at the forecast. the passage of the health care bill has a lot of folks excited, including the vice president. >> he was so excited that he uttered the naughtiest word you can utter while talking to the president. take a look. the white house isn't trying to distance itself from the latest of mr. biden's verbal slips, but secretary robert gibbs said in a tweet, yes, mr. vice president, you're right, it is a big deal. >> he got kind of caught up in the moment. >> it happens. >> he's a man's man.
9:36 am
conservative commentator ann coulter cancels plans for a speech at a canadian university. why a spokesperson says it was physically dangerous for her to attend. that's up next. a local childcare center may be joining the ranks of the unemployed soon. to be life enhancing.
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the sterls of notre dame say it will take divine
9:40 am
intervention to keep a roof over their heads. st. jerome's catholic church said tough financial times means they'll no longer need the services of the nuns. they say several hundred pele have signed a petition. the sisters say they have been told they will not have a home after june 30. conservative commentator ann coulter did not have a place to speak at the university of ottawa despite being invited to do so. the speech was cancelled after 2,000 student protested her appearance. organizers say they post add security threat to coulter. police were called to the demonstration. she expressed her outrage in an interview with the washington times calling the university, quote, a bush league institution. >> you guys like easter? >> yes! >> easter eggs? >> yes! >> do you like the white house? >> yes! >> and hundreds of those students will get to go to the
9:41 am
white house for the annual easter egg roll. 1200 students from d.c., virginia and maryland will get the hottest ticket in town. you can see the list of all 35 schools chosen to receive tickets. just click on web links. living in the district and around the district, the white house is here, we really dot kids benefit from some great things from this administration, the last administration. >> yes. money is tight these days. >> coming up next, brand-new rules to make sure some of that plastic in your wall eliminate keeps its value. we're talking about gift cards. after the break. i traded in my sap shoes, now i'm putting on my ice skates because we are now live where we are just happen to be hanging out with ben, silver in 06, they came in fourth in the most recent olympics.
9:42 am
they are now headlighting the smockers stars on ice tour. we're going to talk with them, get a little ice dancing lesson.
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>> don't let your gifts go to waste. the federal government is out with some new regulations to help make sure you take full advantage of your gift cards. local officials are warning debit card users and atm card users to be careful following an atm skimming case in alexandria. for more on ways to prect yourself from high tech thieves we turn now to the director of the montgomery county office of consumer protection. thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the gift cards, because the federal reserve issued some new rules yesterday. i guess the main problem was gift cards in some cases were losing their value and in other cases people were getting charged fees to use them?
9:46 am
>> that's rig. it was use it or lose it. finally the federal government is cracking down on some of the abuses with gift cards. gift cards is a big industry, we're talking about billions of dollars of money consumers are spending. 95% of all consumers have purchased gift cards. sometimes you would purchase them and their value would disappear while the card was in your pocket. so thfederal government has issued some new rules that say gift cards cannot expire for at least five years, and also they can't charge inactivity fees. they had these special fees if you didn't use your card, it would disappear, that is just unfair to consumers. they've prevented that for happening for at least the first year. some states had already passed some laws. finally the federal government is catching up and really trying to level the financial playing field. >> we just came lou the holiday season. i gave out a lot of gift cards and i got gift cards for christmas. do these rules apply to those gift cards or does this start sometime in the future?
9:47 am
>> does not start until this summer. there are different kinds of gift cards. there are store gift cards and the bank gift cards. this will apply to all the different types of gift cards that are out there. >> that simplifies it for consumers. >> absolutely. >> let's talk a little about what's going on with the atm machines. this is something we reported on yesterday. a case in alexandria. fascinating, where high tech thieves put this device, i guess it's called a skimmer, on an atm and you can not necessarily tell when you go an put your card in that someone's getting all your personal information. how widespread a problem is this? >> well, it's a growing problem. organized crime is, this is their latest tool. but on the motto in our office is always surprised but never shocked. so this i something new that consumers have to worry about. and it's unfortunate that we as consumers have to worry about this type of thing. but that's what we have to do
9:48 am
in our modern society where we have convenience and demands generated and the ability to get money from these machines. >> when i first heard about this a year or so ago, the focus seemed to be on these little stand alone machines that were maybe outside of convenience stores. now we're seeing problems at machines that are actually at banks. does the bank bear some responsibility in keeping an eye on the machine, making sure it's operating the way it should. >> there are independent machines, then there are machines at the banks. the banks are really taking all of the loss. consumers are not going to be losing money from this type of fraud, but we do have to be aware of what's happening with our atm cards and these machines. so when you walk up to one of these machines, look around and use your eyes. eif you see wires poking out, see if you see funny signs that say scan here first. be aware of these type of machines. maybe slap is around a little bit, make sure there are no loose parts there. >> my understanding is that a tip-off might be if it's hard for your card to go in, for
9:49 am
example? >> a tip-off is if it's hard for it to go in, if it look like you have to swipe it someplace else first. if there's someone posing as a customer or technician who is there to, quote, assist you when you're using the machine. a lot of users like to use one machine so they can be aware if there's any changes there. also, it's very important to check the statements immediately. so if you notice anything, you can report it to the banks, to make sure you don't suffer a liability or loss. >> great information. as you say it's a growing problem so people need to be aware. thanks for joining us. >> allison, back to you. figure skating is always one of the favorites during the winter olympic games. we're in for a special treat this morning, because the 2006 olympic silver medalist and the 2010 olympians are showing off some of their moves this morning. they're headed into their next role in the smuckers stars on
9:50 am
ice tour. holly now jones us from arlington, have a v.a. girl, you're something else. >> well, learning to tap wasn't enough for a wednesday morning, so i decide today do a little ice dancing, too. i think the theme of the day is learning from the best. i am surrounded by talent this morning, and when you're talking about ice dancing, doesn't get much better than these two, thank you both for coming in. they flew in from fort myers, florida, just for us, we appreciate that greatly. >> no problem. >> you guys were in fort myers because you were rehearsing for the smuckers stars on ice tour. i was just reading that that show is produced by scott hamilton. what's it like working for scott? >> this is the 24th year this show has been going on, it gets better and better, it's a really unique performance piece because it is so -- it brings together all the best figure skaters there ever have been and there are today. we do group numbers to go, and it's live, so it's roo legal different in person.
9:51 am
>> it must be fun, too, especially since we're just coming off the olympics where everyone is your competitor, everyone is going against each other. you're still obviously trying get your own individual achievement. to come together as this unit and produce a spectacular show where you want everyone to be great. >> it's a wonderful opportunity for us to switch gears. we're no longer competing and we're actually doing a quarte number with davis and white, the u.s. dancers who got the silver medal. we're great friends with them, now it's great to be able to perform with them and have a great time with everybody in the cast. >> you guys are really charged with putting ice dancing on the map for the u.s., making it become more popular. i think it's still one of those things that maybe people don't totally understand how it works. but in reading about you guys, i was reading that really you guys are like peanut butter and jelly. you're not the same, you're totally different, but together you are amazing. is that one of the keys when it comes to ice dancing? >> i definitely think this our different personalities have
9:52 am
helped us just in working day in and day out and being able to balance each other out. we've both been patient and my aggression. i think we end up in a happy metal ground. i definitely think our chemistry and our friendship has really helped us to continue to be so successful. >> what do you think needs to happen in the sport of ice dancing to help it move forward? >> i think what's very clear is how athletic ice dancing has become. you need a lot more strength and control to really be in the top, i think people are starting to recognize that and it's even more exciting now for the audience to watch. >> i think it is. i was really appreciative this year in watching the olympics, the commentators, i thought they were really good explaining things i need to look for. they really help you differentiate the couples. speaking of commentating, you now are lerveg to fly to the west coast to do some commentating yourself? >> the world figure skating
9:53 am
championships are this week. this is the first year i think in 10 or 11 that ben and myself are not going to be competing. >> your blood pressure just dropped. >> we were asked to dot commentary for nbc so we're really excited to be able to do that. hopefully we can give some very present insight that people can really value in this time when the judging system is really difficult to understand. >> i know you're also doing some voice over work, i understand? >> i'm hoping to do vice er. i did a little bit in the past, and i loved it, it would be like one of my dream jobs, so that's something i'm hoping to do more. >> and ou guys are also very philanthropic, you do a lot of charity work as well? >> skating is just a great way for us to raise money and i think a lot of people are sitting around, are trying it find ways to raise money, and we have a great opportunity to do that with our sport and the fact it is a performing sport. so we can do whatever we can and hopefully we'll have more opportunities like that in the future. >> i put these skates on for some reason. are you guys going to maybe
9:54 am
explain it me a littling ? >> we were thinking maybe judging by your skill level you were ready to learn a spin a. basic two foot spin. >> let's try. >> so when we teach the kids, we usually tell them to open their arms up as wild as they can, then you wound wind up, then when you pull in you hug yourself and pull your feet together. >> amazing. >> i'm dizzy. >> that's good the first time she's ever done that. >> as far as you know. okay, we're doing it one more time. >> wind up, and squeeze everything in. >> oh, my gosh. >> ta-da. >> strike a pose. >> it was just a .1 of a deduction, it wasn't much more than that, i'm sure. thank you guys so much for coming out here with us. you're going to do maybe just a little, 10, 20 second thing for us so we can see? >> we can show you the graduation of a spin proces. >> let's watch the graduation of a spin process from the 2006
9:55 am
silver olympians and the 2010 olympians, jace and ben. that's pretty gorgeous. i also should mention to you that they have five national championships to their name and they've been on the podium four times at the worlds as well. so clearly we appreciate their time and talent this morning. you can see them in action on april 8, thursday, it is the smuckers stars on ice tour. 7:00 pm at the verizon center. it's a ticket you need to get now. thank you. >> and i really like those leg warmers. i'm going to have to get some of those, i think. >> bravo. >> i feel more graceful standing next to them. >> but nice recovery and you look great with them. they're adorable. >> my goodness, yes. stick with us. tucker has a final check on weather when we come back.
9:56 am
sky fox is in southern maryland. a bank robbery this morning in st. mary's county. this happened at a bank of america branch in lexington park. police have shut down some of the roads in the area around route 4 and 235. 
9:57 am
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we're back now with the answer to today's trivia question. we asked who was the first time magazine man of the year? >> i'm not that old. >> the answer, charles lindbergh. after a solo flight across the atlantic. chrysler came in second. >> who was it last year, do you remember? >> oh, boy. >> somebody was, like who was it? >> was it obama? president obama? >> no, it wasn't. >> we'll look it up. the five-day forecas


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